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It's hard to say because one dyno can read 10 HP more than the other. Thats why i pointed out that article is good because it uses the same dyno to dyno the bike both as a 1600 and after the kit. It's not HOW MUCH power it has, it's how much DIFFERENCE there is either between the 1600 and the bike with the 1700, or 23 different bikes, whatever. But it's the relative difference which can only be accurate when done on the same dyno. I've seen huge differences from dyno to dyno.

Originally Posted by Sabber View Post
Hi Guys ..had mine on dyno yesterday
Stats on bike :2009 1600
: 25k
:Long TOR's mufflers
:K&n Filter {mod to fit right}
:Cat removed

Base Run :Bhp 79.8
:Torque 108.8
Mapped Tune Ecu :Bhp 81.9
:Torque 110.9
How Does that compare to other tests
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