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I have more observations as of today, but first on the nut.....i will wait till i put a new tire on it. That'll be a while, but i think i'm really onto this whole belt thing and i believe i can make due w/o the extra nut. But i will do that when the next tire is due, which if this storm works out as well as i hope may not be for quite a while. But as to dealers, i know what you mean. If you could show them some magical way to rebuild an engine in 1 hour they'd pass and tell you that won't work even if they knew you weren't joking. They are just to prideful to ever take any advice from a customer. Mainly because that would mean to them that they are pathetic as mechanics if a customer knows something they don't. What really is pathetic is that most of them ARE pathetic ! It's downright scary.

Now to the latest. After the first ride i checked hot and cold and it didn't seem like there was much improvement...still quite a difference in hot and cold tension. But a few rides since then and Now it's much closer. Instead of 50% tighter when hot it's more like 20% which seems much more normal. However, heres an observation that i just noticed as i got home from work....i checked the tension and it was almost the same as it was cold when i left work, maybe even exactly the same ! BUT, and like a foodoholic, this is a big but, i checked it the second i lifted my leg off the seat and then checked again maybe 30 seconds later and it was much tighter ! And no, I did not move the bike between the 1st and 2nd check. So it may be that once stopped the belt tightens after sitting 30 seconds or a minute. Doesn't seem likely but i swear it was obvious there was a good bit of difference.

So i tightened it a bit more and will again check it in the morning and then again at work both when i arrive and leave and at home after work. But it's been so loose cold i really didn't want to leave it like that, plus with what seems to be less difference now it doesn't need to be loose.

And finally, i think another possible cause of squeak, and i HAVE read that it is, is contamination. And by the way, it did squeak for a block or 2 this morning then stopped completely for the rest of the day. Anyways, it hit me that the day or 2 b4 the squesking started i had cleaned the pulley with a few different cleaners trying to find something that would get the dirt out of the grey textured finish.It dripped down and no doubt got on the belt to some degree. Are you following?! Anyways, i read on a HD forum of guys saying thiers squeaked and they cleaned the belt teeth and pulley to rid it. So that may even be the entire reason for this and extra tightness or looseness or bad alignment only AGGRAVATES the situation but w/o the contamination or dirt, whatever is on the belt, it may never happen. Just a theory but one i will explore.
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