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Never having ridden one i can't really compare much. But i talked to one guy who was not happy with the bike's handling and have read as much elsewhere. I don't generally buy a bike for handling, i just buy what seems to float my boat and i HOPE it will handle good. With the Tbird the handling was so good that had i known what that was going to feel like i'd have been ravenous for the bike for that reason alone. It made me a handling convert. I could never own another bike that doesn't handle like this. like your v it has little peg clearance, but that only becomes a issue when riding quickly in very tight stuff. In the higher speed stuff it's a dream. Even in low speed turns it is sweet, it's just that you can't be boy racer there due to clearance.

As for power i assume what druade says is the case judging by the numbers. Tbird 1700 will likely have an advantage on the street in the low end due to the torque, but after that the rod should leave it in the dust. To what degree either of those things is the case is only known to those having ridden both. But i'm pretty darn sure most anyone who rides both is going to feel that if you eliminate which is the faster bike from the equation, most people are going to feel the Tbird is a much better bike in all other ways. I only say that w/o having ridden the rod because i've owned a lot of bikes and never owned one as amazing as this, not to mention the numerous reviews that have raved about it including 2 cruiser of the year awards and 3 if you count this last one, which was a bit of a fiasco that i won't spend time describing.

For me the torque and handling is what it's all about, and this bike does both exceptionally well. But like i always tell people, you need to find a dealer who will let you demo one and preferably for a long time. A good hour or more i'd say. Otherwise you may not have time to fully "get it". Or you may get it in 2 blocks, but you have to take some time and make sure you don't just ride a lot of city traffic and straight roads. Unfortunately no amount of replies here are going to help you in the least in deciding whether it's a trade that you might be happy with. You really have to see for yourself.

In short, the Tbird is an amazing bike but if racing other bikes is important enough to you to disregard all the rest, go with something else or keep the rod.

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