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I figured that out several months ago,tried it,and then posted about it,but on the other site.I had forgotten all about it until you just jogged my memory when you mentioned about kicking the wheel to get the left side to move forward for alignment.[I also tried that but it didn't] Anyways,I use that extra nut to do just that,[without kicking the wheel,lol,],except,it holds the position once I set it.I even tried a third nut on the right side to see if it would make any difference,but it really didn't do anything so I removed it.Infact,I even mentioned the third nut on the left adjuster to the stealer.He just kinda looked at me with this big question mark on his Hey!! When ya find somethin that actually works,ya run with it which is what I So try it.I think you'll find that it DOES make a difference while making your life a lot

And ya don't have to pull the wheel off to add that third nut.Lift the machine so the tire is just resting on the floor,loosen both adjusters,pull the axle out,[everything should stay in place] take off the adjuster,put the nut on it,put the adjuster back in place,insert the axle,and adjust away.After ya have everything set,it should stay right where ya put it.

Once everything is set,the next time ya R+R the rear tire,it should only take ya about 15 minutes to realign everything.Just take measurements from the back of the swing arm to the outside ends of the adjuster bolts and mark em down someplace,left and right, BEFORE ya touch anything.Then using those measurements,reset everything, [ya may or maynot have to tweak the adjustment a tad according to belt wear] and you're DONE.I've been over 3000 miles now since I replaced my last rear tire and using that technique, nothing has moved.Everything is right where I set it.I got no belt noise and the sides of the belt are not shiny. Dave!!!

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