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Good grief those guys "over there" are motorheads - makes our technical talks look like pre-school. That's what the guys at the motorcycle pro-shop I go to for my service talk like - they will whip out a piece of paper and cover it with little diagrams and math formulas until your eyes glaze over with incomprehension - however - that is the kind of knowledgible fellas I want tinkering on my bike. For now I will continue to enjoy it as is and work up a few side jobs and then count my pennies.

Daz that is a good point - gives me 6,000 miles to think about it and save for it - and yes I intend on keeping this bike for a long time. It is my first bike, and I researched the heck out of bikes before buying it and the ONLY other bike that really grabs me out there is...a 1700 Tbird so there ya go. I'm not entering my golden years - I'm turning 40 later this year, and while I have no plans to sell it - I would like to add to the stable at some point - but I'm going to have to convince my wife that another bike found it's own way into our garage and I just don't have the heart to tell it to "go home".


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