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Thanks for the reassurances, everyone. I can't begin to describe how much I want a TBird (hence being a member of this site for almost a year w/ no TBird in the garage...just wanted to soak up info and share the thrill of owning one, if only vicariously), so I was a bit unsettled by the comparison. There are several factors that go into my wanting to upgrade from my '08 Vulcan 900 Custom, and the desire for a more comfortable ride (i.e. legs a bit more extended) is certainly high on that list. Since the TBird is shorter than the Vulcan, I was dismayed and beginning to question if the TBird is truly the bike upgrade I should be focusing on.

I've taken one short test ride and sat on a couple @ the dealership, so was somewhat familiar with the feel, and knew it wasn't going to be a vast improvement over the Vulcan (in fact, I didn't really sense much difference, if any at all), but I hadn't counted on it being even smaller... :-(

I guess I just need to decide how important that length factor is, or if all the other positives of the TBird outweigh that one disappointment. I know I can put highway/crash bars on w/ pegs, or go w/ swingwing pegs (if they make them for the TBird), but I tend to shy away from bars, though I know the first time I drop or dump my bike (35'ish years and counting and no drops!) I'll regret that stance. So I have to assume the way it fits me now is the way it'll fit me for some time to come.

Anyway, appreciate the assurances...sounds like it's perhaps less of an issue that I'd thought. In the end, I suppose a 9 degree difference between the Vulcan and the TBird is much ado about nothing. I do wish, though, the TBird had the 120 degree angle of the America (and, no, not looking for an America...a healthy bump in cc and torque is another primary reason for the upgrade desire).
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