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This taller fellow does not feel cramped on the Thunderbird. I am fairly tall (6' 5"), 265 pounds, or if you like 120 kg. That said, I have the SE with the windscreen and foot boards. Ironically, the only limitation I notice is when I put those size 15EE Carolina boots down on the heel/toe shifter. I hope you too are not BigFoot. :-) Another caveat is I have the SE model deep dish touring seat and it is VERY comfortable to me. I am older than dirt, and that long haul SE seat is not a limitation to me on the road. Can ride on (in?) that sucker all day long. Not sure about the stock seat, but many folks get a different seat and maybe a windscreen for longer touring. I missed a chance to get an SE that had the big bore kit installed at the dealer, new. Personally glad I got the 1600. For me, and my style of riding, it has plenty of power and torque, and at the low end between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm or so, where it is very useful. No regrets buying the Triumph. Getting 45 mpg on regular and enjoying my riding to no end.
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