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It depends on how you feel about the bike's power now, and two, how long you intend to keep it. It's a lot of cash, but if you keep the bike 10 years or more i thinks it's a must have and a relatively small amount considering how much enjoyment you will get from it over the long run if you keep it more than a few years.

I intend to make this my last bike, barring financial issues as i close in on my golden years here soon. I took the risk that i WILL keep it. But if financial issues cause me to sell it in a couple years and get a cheaper alternative like another speedmaster, i will probably be wishing i hadn't BB'd it. In other words, i think it's well worth it but not if you aren't going to keep it long enough to get $2k worth of enjoyment out of it. By the way, your quote of $2200 is high. Most paid around $1800, i paid $1750 total myself. But i bargained with him to get that. i think he quoted $1900 at first, something like that. I said how about $1700 and he said $1750 and we have a deal. But I got screwed out of a few things at that price, tho i won't go into how here. So i figure you are paying at least $300 too much. I've seen some say they paid around $1600.

One thing you can do which is what i did to save, take it in when the 12k service is due. that service includes valve adjustment which is a big part of the cost. have it done then and they don't have to do most of the 12k stuff, at least nothing engine wise because you are having a whole new top installed. So tell them to do the BB and change the oil and you can get away with about the cost of the BB and and oil change. The 12k service can go over a grand so it's like paying less than 1/2 for the BB kit depending on what you have them do of the 12k details besides oil and what thier costs are...etc have to do your own math depending on your situation, but i think you get the point here.
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