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That is a great article - now I have to really decide if it's worth the money - would I like it better? Undoubtedly - but will I like it $2,200 more? That I am not sure of - Human nature always wants more...

What I did do was drop off a parts list and blow up diagram of the BB kit to the pro shop and have them look at it - they might give me a cheaper install price as they are tearing down engines daily - in that article it made a point of how much trouble those guys had doing it the first time because it was...the first time...also this pro shop is used to hopping up engines without kits - they engineer their own kits and were telling me all this technical stuff they do (until my eyeballs rolled back in my head) and in effect they might be able to do exactly what the BB kit does, or even a little better and be cheaper than the kit - cuz I think as we all know - Triumph is very proud of their brand name and it shows in the price tag of their accessories. At any rate right now I'm just gathering information - and if my wife had a clue I was considering spending more money on it...she would one way my man-parts to a different continent.


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