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From what I've been reading on both sites regarding guys using spray lubricant on the hub bushing/bearing, thinking that's the noise they're hearing, what I believe is actually happening is,they're getting alittle over spray from that lubricant, on the belt which in turn is acting like a belt dressing,[we do that on cars and trucks all the time to quiet down the ALT.,AC, or PS belts],hence the noise goes away,but only temporarily.When the wheel is off for whatever reason,that's when those bushings/bearings should be addressed.And usually that will last for quite some time before that service needs to be done again.But that's just a theory I have.

Now if you're hearing noises coming from the rear wheel,nine of of ten times,it's probably the belt that you're hearing because it's not aligned correctly.And the tell tale sign of that is the dark black coloring on either outside edge of the belt which suggests,it's rubbing against either inside edge of the rear cog.But "IF" that tell tale sign is NOT present,then ya have another problem which could very well be a dry or faulty bearing or bushing.Also,when ya have the wheel off,it's a good idea to lightly lube the cush drive love coupling,the rubber inserts that go between the wheel and the housing that supports the rear cog,as those too can make noise if dry.That's somethin that I've been doing everytime I have the wheel off for tire R+R,which has only been 5 times in the last year or so.DUH! So my rear wheel is as quiet as a church mouse. But again,that's me. Dave!!!

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