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Do you taller folks feel cramped on the TBird?

So I went to and compared my current Vulcan against the Thunderbird.

I'm lusting after a new Triumph Thunderbird 1600/1700 to upgrade from my Vulcan 900 Custom (maybe next year), but I've been concerned that it may feel even smaller than my 900 Custom since the base length appears to be shorter.

When I plugged in the numbers, sure enough, my knee angle @ 6'1" & 34" inseam is 113 degrees w/ the Vulcan and 104 degrees with the Triumph. Not what I wanted to see since my Vulcan already feels a bit cramped at times, but what I was fearing.

Now I guess I just need to figure out if I can live with it. Interestingly, another bike I compared, the Triumph America, the bike I almost bought instead of the 900 Custom has a knee angle of 120 degrees! Seems absurd their 900cc bike is larger in build/ergonomics than the 1600/1700 cc Thunderbird, but there it is.

The Victory Vegas, the other choice I've been toying with, is 106 degrees...I really thought it'd be more than the Vulcan, but it's just neck-and-neck w/ the Triumph Thunderbird.

So for those of you 6 feet'ish and you feel cramped when you ride the TBird, or is that 104 degrees somehow deceiving? It would seem like an apples-to-apples comparison with the Vulcan, et al, but maybe I'm missing something...

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