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I figured it out....pilot error, doh ! I think i may also have figured out the hot/cold thing. It was out of alignment ! Yes, i know you mentioned that but I found a new way to align it a while ago and it works perfect, but last time i did it I apparently screwed up and i think i know why. Anyways, I went home just now (thank god for schedule flexibility at work) And checked everything to find the misalignment and set it right. It was obvious right away because the bike felt more right in the way it tracked. The noise was gone too.

So I think this is why the hot/cold issue....the misalignment was causing more heat that usual so it was getting tighter when hot than usual. Whats odd tho is 1)-why just in the last couple days when the last time i adjusted it was a couple weeks agd, and 2)- when i made this noise before why did lubing the axl area with penetrating oil and WD40 rid it?

I'll tell you this....I WILL be a belt expert eventually !
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