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sqeaking may be tight belt, not axle?

I dunno. At this point i'm at what they used to call in my day "my wits end". I recently posted about belt tension and how they get tighter when they heat up and how to deal with that. Recently tbirdDaryl had a issue with squeaking coming from the rear which i have also had and figured it was in the axl area and needed grease. There are 2 sounds that seem to be common....chirp and squeak. Chirp is definitely the belt. Happens if they aren't adjusted right. But this squeaking sound is different and sound like metal squeaking intermittently, not the steady sound like the chirp where it happens under acceleration and is a steady sound. I am not starting to wonder if BOTH sounds are from the belt, but theres at least one reason it seems with eliminate that possibility. Maybe someone will have an idea so i thought i'd post this and see if anyone comes up with an idea. Heres the list of what i've experienced lately in the order that they happened.

1-squeaking started. Shot WD40 in axl/spacer as a test area and it goes away for a month. Wanted to put of greasing everything till i installed a new tire which was coming up soon.

2-a month later again and this time i used penetrating oil since i know WD40 isn't really a lube. Went away again. Bot this time and last belt wasn't too tight, at least not that i recall.

3-new tire. hasn't squeaked sine i put the oil in a few weeks ago. Adjusted belt and this time i noticed how loose it was after i adjusted it, but before i tightened it i checked again after a ride and it was tight. So i researched it and everyone told me they DO tighten as they get hot. But no squeak right away.

4-maybe 2 weeks after new tire and VERY thorough greasing of entire rear axl area, squeak starts again. I have checked the belt daily both when cold and hot since the new tire in an attempt to see how tight it gets when hot. Today when the squesking started i checked it after the ride to work because it was squeaking badly, and it was very tight. Tighter than it's even been. Note that when cold it is very loose. The same tension it takes to move it a full inch when cold when hot this morhing after i got to work didn't even move it the 1/4" triumph specs.

So heres the seems it's gotta be the belt. I even smelled rubber like when a belt in a car goes, but if it IS the belt why did the squeak go away immediately when I shot lube into the axl area those 2 times !!! This has me really worried because i have a camping ride slated for this weekend. I will adjust it looser today when i get home, but then it's going to be crazy loose when cold which can't be right. Wheel alignmnet i'm sure is good too by the way. Add to this for the first time ever it won't start when cold and hold an idle for the first time ever in 17000 miles and i'm getting really worried about this trip. Daryl, you may have a belt issue after all !
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