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IT'S FIXED!!!! I think...

So I finally convinced them to take the wheel off and have a look - whaddya know - he said the wheel bearing was too tight...hmmm wonder how that happened? He didn't think that was the problem however - it was in the cushing on the drive pulley that they found a "dry rubber"? Anyway - Daz as you put it - they "greased the works" and now everything should be good. I couldn't get it to squeak on the 15 miles to the dealer and he couldn't get it to squeak ever so - glad they were willing to put in the time on must my "say so". However...

Since they were running it on the dyno for the inspection I took out my credit card and said give it a few pulls and give me hp, torque and A/F readout. I was pleased that the air/fuel mixture was really quite good - around 4,000 RPM it gets quite lean and they said don't spend a lot of time there, and I don't - as I'm usually just revving thru 4 to get to the next gear, and then unless you are cruising at 92, you are below 4,000 rpm. Rear wheel HP was 71, Max torque was 93. This disappointing part is the torque curve looks like a bowling ball, learning to fly...without wings. It begins dropping around 2,600 rpm and does a 45 degree angle down to the rev limiter. There thought is that the BB kit might change the torque curve some. Being a pro-shop they were drawing me diagrams and math formulas and talking about what they do - in their minds a factory kit is kind of generic and they could do much better - they do build racing bikes after all. BUT...I don't need a racing bike - so - any of you gents out there with a BB kit - have you run it on a dyno?? I'd love to compare my current numbers with what yours fact I think I'll post a new thread to that effect. And Daz...thanks for your help in "greasing the works"!


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