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Originally Posted by Draeger View Post
As far as I'm concerned, the 'out the door' price is the only price that matters, and it should be the only way you negotiate.

If you have a total maximum price in your mind that you are willing to pay, just negotiate to that price with the dealer. Let them shuffle the numbers until it works for them ... or not.

The owner at the Triumph dealer in Victoria BC talked 'out the door' price from the get-go, which is one of the reasons I chose to buy from him, and not go over the line and buy in the USA (I'm in Canada).

Every other dealership was playing silly bugger with all the little add ons they nail you with. It was so refreshing to hear a dealer just give me a bottom line price on every bike I test rode.
I used to sell cars. I can tell you that your method does not get you the best deal, because you don't understand the true costs this way. The best method in my opinion is to calculate the approximate invoice number, and try to buy the vehicle itself for as close to that figure as the dealer is willing to go. Then take the extra stuff, and see what that totals. Get a break down of that, and then work on getting that down as low as possible. Anyone can throw out an arbitrary number. How do you know it is even a good offer? The dealer might be robbing you blind, or your figure might be unrealistic in which case you are wasting your time trying to get the dealer to drop that low.

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