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I bought a leftover 09 blue rocket touring brand new 15 miles for $13000. out the door with a backrest, the list was $17299. i live in new jersey the bike was in no. carolina i picked it up the next day,983 miles round trip. they loaded in the back of my pickup while i did yhe paperwork was in and out of the dealership in in an hour. i saw the bike on the internet called and haggeled for awhile made a final offer out the door.they called me back and accepted the offer,no tricks or gimmicks great dealership.when i got home i did all my ow paperwork and sales tax (1100.) best bike i ever owned. don't be afraid to make alow ball offer all they can say no, BTW i used the thank a hero program that took care of shipping and handleing.see if you can find a leftover you'll save a ton.good luck.
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