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When ever I buy a new car or bike I usually decide what I want to pay within realistic limits and then set out to buy it at that cost with finances already approved by my own bank and refuse to buy untill a dealer gets real close to that. Sometimes this takes a while and makes for having to walk away and hope they call a few days later. the one advantage is that the last offer they make on the phone is usually a good way to determine what the average dealer can do! If you make a serious offer that they dont call on it usually means you were way too low and you need to consider upping your offer a bit!
Sometimes showing interest in a bike and provideing enuff info for them to know you are seriously considering it but concerned about the costs will get them to make you offers on the cost that are a bit better than their starting point. This is how I got my current bike. Just looking and took a good demo ride, then returned a few days later to take a second look and asked about the out the door cost. 3 days latter I stopped to make a final desicion and the out the door cost offerd was considerably less and more than reasonable with the options already installed and the 20% off the long haul seat/siisy bar/lugage rack/back pad.
I also seem to get better pricing offered when I let them know that a sizeable down payment or a real good trade in is ready to go for some reason.
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