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Ok let me be very clear. I do not have a problem with my Bird. I have a problem with the Bike Service shop! I would never sell my Bird unless it was to provide food to my starving wife and children - and even then they better not be faking it.

Back to Victory - the dealer is literally less than 5 miles from my house -their demo day was like going to the amusement park - ride the rides and go home on what you rode in on. Beat on someone elses bikes, burn their fuel, AND they feed you a pretty good BBQ lunch - all for FREE, well I just couldn't turn that down so a couple of us went down and spent half a day tearing up the Victory's. IMO they are overpriced for what they are - in many respects i think they are of lesser quality - the left mirror kept falling out of place, I know that's an easy tightening fix but still it's the demo they put out there and it was irritating while riding. The pegs are small - it shifts like an elephant - you have to really put your boot into it and mean it when you shift, and you are rewarded with a big satisfying THUNK, satisfying that is if you are driving something a garbage truck? The throttle response was way different too - whereas my bird jumps if you breathe on the throttle from idle, the Victory is really tame, takes more throttle from the wrist and takes longer RPM to wind up to the "pull", then it pulls harder thru a higher rpm range than the Bird does - all of which Daz says you get with the BB kit. But a single wrist motion does not get you idle to full throttle stop, unless you lean forward and do an exagerated elbow down move, so I found myself getting 1/4 into throttle, re-positioning my wrist and then going full throttle - that was irritating as well! But the engine itself - oh baby it is a dream, sounds good, this bike had the 2-1 pipe, was louder, but not obnoxious, so it would have had the "TOR" type tune - you won't ever confuse the sound for a Harley (a plus in my opinion), I fell in love with their engine - the test ride was about 15 miles, some hills and twisties - oh and the hammer turns like a dump truck - however the crossroads turns way easier than the Bird - only the rest of the bike makes you feel like you are in Grannies, 1971 Cadillac, and that's not a good thing - story for another post. So in short - I am very pleased I chose the TBird - but the BB kit is looking more and more alluring to me!

Daz look for a PM, thanks.


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