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Originally Posted by paulfun View Post
I would argue with you on the quality, as it was one of the main reasons I got rid of the Harley and went with the jap bikes back then.
We will just have to agree to disagree on this subject or wait 26 years and one hell of a lot of miles for me to be able to compare the quality of my Thunderbird to the old reliable jap bikes of yesteryear.
I'll bet you that my jap bike will still be running then too!
That has to do with mechanical design, and i never said they were bad in that regard. The Japanese build very reliable engines. Where did I say different? That wasn't the point. Those bike at work i mentioned are still running after all those years. bit if you look at the build quality they look like something you'd find in one of those one dollar stores. Compare to the Tbird they aren't in the same league, not even remotely close. Today they are still not in the same league, but much better than the 80's.

We can disagree and thats fine, but lets first make sure we are disagreeing about the same thing.
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