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Thats why i say dealers are worthless. A necessary evil. They rarely talk to you w/o some agenda and deception, and they will never admit to any mistake or wrong doing, which they commit on a regular basis. Learn to do as much of the work as you can yourself. In a way i can understand that since they are only human and are going to make mistakes now and then. But the problem i have is they do this constantly. Like i've said many times, i have had my tbird in the shop 3 times and my speedy once, and of those 4 times they screwed up FOUR times. Twice in ways that could have easily gotten me killed. No wait, make that THREE things that could have gotten me killed. And i'm not even exaggerating in the least. They have to be THE #1 worse service of any kind on earth. This was 4 screwups at 4 different dealers with 3 mistakes that could have been deadly. Need i say more?!

In any case i'm glad the WD worked. They may decline to grease it free and may not admit to anything. But they should have greased it and apparently didn't.
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