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Well, of the 2 or 3 people i read about who had this, none that i recall said they heard anything. In fact, the one i remember best was big jack, and he said he wouldn't have known if he hadn't taken it in for valve adjustment. I was told mine were the beefed up ones because the BB kit i got was made after the issue was discovered. However, i think mine may have broken. I used to hear the clatter of the compression release for 2-3 seconds (as many have also's normal) every time i started the bike without fail....every time till about a couple months ago. (bike is now 2 yrs) Then it stopped and i haven't heard it since. But i have twice heard what sounded like parts rattling around. So it would make sense that it broke off. However, there are two, one on each side and for them to both break at the same time seems impossible. But i have a theory on that....if one breaks it may change the dynamic or speed of the startup and maybe the other one then doesn't make any noise.

So i fear mine may have gone. the thing is, from what engage said, his dealer says if they do break theres no place for them to go and they are stuck there where they can do no harm. So they won't cause any problems, and they also appear to be un-necassary as a starting aid because as big jack and others have said, it did not make the bike any harder to start. I suspect that like the SAI it's a design aspect that triumph added thinking it would be needed but turns out wasn't.

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