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Thanks Daz. Like I said the squeak sound is like a wheel turning- it is a rotating sound, not like what I would expect from an infinite belt spinning on the rear sprocket - your 2nd post makes perfect sense. The cycle of the squeak is definitely in tune to the revolutions of the wheel itself. If WD-40 works for awhile, I'm thinking the white lithium grease (made for metal on metal) might work better? But you are right, the dealer should make it right, and unfortunately I have to wait now until Tuesday for them to do that. They did tell me that they re-installed the wheel "exactly" where it was when they took it off - and they didn't adjust the belt - but I can dang sure tell you that the belt is tighter now than it was when I took it in. I'm not sure that's a bad thing as it was never adjusted from purchase and it might have been getting on the loose side. They told me it is NOT too tight, and when I look at the guard and push with my finger, it seems to be where it should be. Also as for the speed of where I hear it - I have heard it as high as 40 mph, but beyond that I think wind noise, tire noise and whatnot just makes it harder to hear, plus the speed of the wheel probably makes the squeak a different frequency harder to hear as well. I'm going to go spray it now and later I'm going to go gas it up - supposed to be at a Poker run sign in at 8AM tomorrow morning and that's all I need is 500 Harley owners seeing "Squeaky" ride up on his Triumph!


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