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Don't worry about it. Take your ride and enjoy yourself ! The squeak happens even with the tension about right and wheel aligned correctly. Then it's mysteriously go away. I've learned it's just the way it is and that it can do that even when everything is at least close to perfect. Just make sure it's not insanely loose or tight.

As to alignment, i found a good way to do this. There are 2 holes n the swingarm near the pivot point on each side. Actually theres 2 on the left and on the right theres also 2 but one is filled with the mounting dealie the belt guard screws onto. You can use these holes to measure from the center of the axl on each side. One the left one of the holes has a chrome ring in it. The other hole is just black. Use the black one. on the right side like i said theres only one hole because the one with the chrome ring is filled with the guard mount. So take some string or wire etc, something that won't stretch when you lightly pull it tight. Find a pencil or something that will fit in the hole and tie the string around it. Pull the string in the shorted path to the axl center then mark it. Do that on the other side and adjust the wheel till they match lengthwise. It works very well and you will have the wheel aligned very close. It matched the alignment of how it was when i got it back from mickey after he installed the warranty belt and adjusted it.

Oh, and by the way.....that has become the standard line for EVERY SINGLE dealer, factory rep, or anyone in the triumph food chain when you mention internet forums. They tell you all that stuff is BS. Meanwhile i'm looking at pics that are absolute proof or other reasons i know i can believe. hell, to be blunt i have gotten FAR greater info from the forums than any of the mechs or reps i have talked to, and thats a dead on FACT. I've had mechs tell me you can't believe anyone on the forums because they all BS and lie ! Pisses me off. You can tell them about the compression release issue and they'll tell you thats BS, yet there have been PICTURES of the frucking things broken posted on the forums ! They're idiots. I trust dealers about as much as i trusted osama bin laden.

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