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No, but i'm sure they're ok. I will check them if tightening doesn't stop the dust tho.

Originally Posted by davetac1 View Post
Afternoon Daz.That's correct.Cold,mine has approximately 2 inches total,when I push it up and down with pressure or just about to the point ya have to really push on it to get it to go any further,and approximately 1 inch when it's hot.I do not have any type of pressure measuring device to get the exact amout of pressure I was putting on the belt when I did this.And where I checked that was NOT at the belt's tightest point.It was just a random check on the top of the belt in front of the upper belt guard.When and where I set the free play is at the tightest point of the belt,COLD, measured in that slot in the lower belt guard,and with the rear wheel raised.I raise the wheel so I can rotate it to find the belt's tightest point.I appologize for not explaining myself better.Remember what I told about me not bein too bright?? lol Well,there ya go! lol

And today,I took temp readings hot and cold.When I left this am,the belt was room pr the ambient temperature,67*.When I just came back in after traveling approximately 80 miles which should have heated it up pretty good,the belt's temp was 92* which is compatible with what the other gentleman got.

Did ya happen to check your pulleys or cogs for any sign of metal burrs or jagged edges??Just wondering as we wanna cover all the bases.Dave!!!
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