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The sissy bar does get easier to remove after the first couple of times, mainly because once you have done it you develop a technique and you know how much effort it takes.

I remove mine every time I wash the bike, along with the seat and saddle bags (the main reason I got the Easy Brackets). I find that removing the seat first helps, because the sissy bar brackets are narrower than the seat and can snag/rip the vinyl.

1. Pull back firmly on the release levers and hold them.
2. Lift the rear of the sissy bar, using your chest against the back rest to assist your hands and arms. It takes quite a bit of effort, but the thing will start to move.

Once you get it off, you can check the release levers for ease of operation and lubricate them. This helps a bit for future removals.

btw, I just bought one of these. The missus and I filled it with two nights' worth of stuff no problem, including her special beauty items. That leaves the saddle bags for rain gear, extra shoes and the like. I think it was on sale--I don't believe I paid that much for it at the store.

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