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Originally Posted by Tritn Thrashr View Post
Are you trying to fit 7/8 switches to a 22 mm bar?
Consider rubbing the flat faces of the clamps down a bit on abrasive paper on a flat plate
If the bike has 22 mm. OD handlebars, I'd sooner consider using a spares supplier that doesn't supply shonky pattern crap ...

Originally Posted by eisenmen View Post
Just finishing the rewiring
'Fraid the Red wires attached to the oil tank:-

Loose handlebar controls-img_3391.jpg

... are about as much use as a chocolate spoon - the oil tank and battery carrier are rubber-mounted ...

Those Red wires should be attached to the engine (to provide an electrical return path to battery +ve from the points if you're using 'em and the oil pressure switch, and HT between the plugs and coils). There should be two studs that pass through the inlet rocker-box and cylinder head into the block, the head steadies attach between the top parts of these and the rear vertical bracket under the main frame top tube, the Red wires' ring terminal should be on one of those studs. An educated guess says you'll have to cut off the pictured ring terminal and fit a 3/8" ID one, because the shonky pattern harness maker cared so much they fitted the wrong ring terminal ...

Loose handlebar controls-img_3393.jpg

Interesting ... "Main Motorcycle" beside your posts show "1971 T100R" but that picture appears to show a pre-'71 Ammeter in the headlamp shell ...?



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