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Originally Posted by CR_Biker View Post
My clutch cable was incorrectly installed at the factory and wore through the sleeving in a month, I took it to the dealer and they agreed to change it under warranty. Three months later they are saying the part is back ordered and they do not know when they will have one for me. A clutch cable! Really? I am going to give them a couple more weeks then take it up direct with Triumph HQ, this is nuts. Luckily the bike is totally rideable but even so....
Yea I had a similar “eye-opening” experience when I needed a new throttle grip. (Long terrible story unfortunately brought upon by myself). That said, and from memory, I think I was quoted something like 6 months before it would be available. I was facing 6 months downtime. Fortunately someone here on the forum came though with a spare but that would’ve been horrific otherwise.

As a side note I never had to elevate it to the UK but still.....
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