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Originally Posted by DEcosse View Post
I am a huge advocate for the SH847 - probably the first person on the planet to install one on a bike other than the OEM DL1000A.

But honestly, for a Twin I think it is way overkill - Stators failures are EXTREMELY rare on the twins, so don't think it is really necessary.
And if you really want Series, consider an SH775 which should be excellent for that application.
Or simply go with a smaller MOSFET - particularly an FH008 (Mid 'Naughties Honda 600/1000) which you can easily relocate to a location that does not require serious airflow.
Thanks for the reply. I did read your thread on the 847, thats where I was heading until I seen the size of the unit.
From the google images, the FH008 looks more the size I am after, But is this still suitable with the modifications (Lithium ion and LEDs throughout) and already have the wiring altered with a 30a inline fuse back to +ve and dedicated earth.
Still will leave it mounted up front on frame as I kind of like the look as I had the OEM gloss back with filed fins.

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