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Originally Posted by CanberraR3 View Post
Oh dear. You know nothing about my riding style. I donít expect people to do anything in particular. I was only commenting on what I saw as my worst riding habit; ie what I find difficult not to get annoyed at. That is what this thread is about, not a platform to pat yourself on the back and say how terrific you think you are.
Ok. You don't seem to be able to avoid thinking that I'm judging your riding style. If you'd like to turn a conversation into an argument, go ahead. Point taken that this isn't about patting ourselves on the back, but about pointing out our worst riding habits. Your worst riding habit has nothing to do with your riding, but that you harshly judge how others ride?

Mine is likely that I multitask too much. I alter my route on the fly when I should pull off, which involves removing gloves, messing with the phone, and putting gloves back on. I mess with the music, pull out a camera and take a pic/video, etc. Not in traffic, but not a good idea either.
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