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Originally Posted by Oil Burner View Post
This is the company I deal with most for gear. They have a section for "hard to fit", which has options for most body types. Many of the items have a real-world evaluation, so you get a better idea than the ad speak gives you.
Thank you, that's really helpful.

Looking through those and looking a little more at the offerings, it appears that the Firstgear Kathmandu or Kilimanjaro ranges might work for me. They seem to be the only ones that don't think you get taller as you get wider and have got short as 30" inseam rather than 32"+

There seem to be a few dealers near where we are staying so I'll contact them to see what they hold in stock.

I didn't particularly want the BMW-GS-round-the-world-wannabe look, but fit and function must take priority over fashion!
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