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I bought new Amal Premier's cleaned out all the jets (did not see any debris) and checked the float level before installing them with the thin o-ring. The bike ran like crap! Would not idle sounded like it was missing intermittently and got worse as the engine warmed up. Mixture screw adjustment made no difference.
Took the carbs back off and rechecked everything with special attention to the pilot jets and the float level. Still no debris that I could see came out of any of the passage ways. When reinstalling carbs this time I installed the thicker o-rings between carbs and the manifolds. Kicked it about five times before it would start and it felt like it was only running on one cylinder and then it cleard out when I revved it up. So threw on my helmet and went for a ride. Went up the street (up hill) in front of my house and the engine ran good except it missed once but other than that it ran good. Got about a mile away and stopped at a stop sign and the engine felt like it wouldn't idle and ran a little rough until I reved it up a few times.
Now I was on a street with no stop signs or stop lights for about five miles and the speed limit is 45mph. The bike ran beautifully never skipped a beat until the end of that street at the stop sign it coughed and spit back through the carbs a couple times. I reved it up a couple times cause thought it might die if I let it idle.
I was close to the freeway so I jumped on it and headed back home. The bike ran beautifully through all the gears while getting up to freeway speeds 65mph. After riding about four miles I pulled off to the side of the road at a large turnout to see if it would idle. For some reason it was idling at 2000 rpm's and then it started to miss and run rough again. So I reved it up a few times cleared it out and jumped back on the freeway where again it ran good getting back up to speed but at the bottom of the off ramp it coughed a couple times and I kept revving the engine to keep it running and took off again.
No other stops getting back to my house but the last half mile is all down hill until I get to my driveway that is up hill for 100 ft. Made it up my driveway but t he engine was missing and couldn't be cleared out by revving it and would not idle then died. Couldn't restart it right away but let it sit for 5 minutes or so and it started right up and sounded good for about 30 seconds and started running rough again spitting back through the carbs now and then.

My old carbs were not that bad but just off idle when accelerating the engine would skip just a little and then be fine until accelerating above 65mph it would start to sputter and miss again. So I took my old carbs off the shelf took them apart and cleaned them before reinstalling them. The bike ran really good except for the little stumble right off idle. Took the bike for a 40 mile ride and was surprised at how good it ran. I could not get it to miss at all at higher speeds like it did before.

I'm thinking the float level must be to high on new carbs at 1/32 or 1/16 inch above the bowl rim. I'll try them at even with the rim next time I have them apart and see how that works. For now the weather is nice and the old carburetors are good enough!
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