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Originally Posted by Scoobersteve View Post
Yes it is a mind scrambler. Only happens with the throttle just on (say 5%). It is like it floods. If you hold the throttle steady, it will decelerate to a point where it fires up again. It is very annoying. Unfortunately we don't have a competent dealership for hundreds of miles due to the ever increasing closures.
Agree with that 100%.....mine does it as well, no logic, intermittent.....has cut out on busy far luckily pull the clutch and hit the starter. Waiting for that time it won't start and I'm the cause of an accident.

We are fortunate to have Hermy's close by and another one....the third one just closed within the last 3 months and is in process of auctioning off everything. Aprilla, Triumph, Ducati & Moto Guzzi. Additionally the Indian Dealer which occupied a defunct HD Dealer Building is gone. The market/lack of it has changed so dramatically since 2006....and never recovered.

Back to the issue....I'll stick my neck out and state my suspicion is it may be related to strict emission controls and the ECU they locked starting in 2014. You can't program/do anything with them.

Heard good things about brand of saddle bags mentioned. Been thinking of Boss Bags to retain the leather look but they are expensive with good quality.

Heard mixed things on the PC5, specifically if the ECU is shutting off the fuel they won't do a thing on 2014's and above...True or not I don't know. Personally don't wish spend the $$ for one.

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