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I have problem with mine as well. I have put new vacum tubes on with no joins cut to the same lenght each side. I replaced them after my issues started.
My bike idles fine and runs great under power and also above 3000rpm. The problem is with the throttle just open. Just above idle between 2000rpm and 3000rpm. It will stutter and miss to the point of stalling. It is worse going down hill when you are just holding the throttle open to hold speed.

I have had it plugged into tuneecu and cant find any faults or anything out of the ordinary. I have reloaded the map with no change. I believe it is running rich but i cant now for sure.
To try and make it rideable i have reconected the O2 sensers and loaded a modified map. It is better but still has the same issue just not as bad.

I want to work out the problem and get it back running properly with the O2 SENSERS.

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