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Hi Mark,

Originally Posted by Sparky Boy View Post
I'm pretty sure there is no amplifier unit. I'll check for a 5PU
No Rita amp., no 5PU, the two go together. If there isn't any 'electronics box' at all - most replacement e.i. have Red, White, Black, Black/White and Black/Yellow wires - chances are the bike has a Tri-Spark 'Classic Twin' e.i., the electronics for that are all in the aforementioned circular compartment in the engine timing cover.

Originally Posted by Sparky Boy View Post
new Lucas loom
Be aware that the company - Wassell - currently licensed to use the "Lucas" branding and packaging never had anything to do with the 'original Lucas' that made your bike's original electrics. Wassell have a long-time poor reputation for quality control.

If you must buy an off-the shelf loom, I recommend buying specifically from TMS, their looms are made down the road by Autosparks. TMS also sell several other alternative electrical parts to those wholesaled by 'Wassell Lucas', look for "MADE IN UK' in their descriptions and often "/UK" in the "Code" column.

Btw, no connection except as a TMS customer and a very Wassell one.

Originally Posted by Sparky Boy View Post
Another alternative is to
... DIY.

The disadvantage with any off-the-shelf loom is it'll incorporate all the aforementioned "ill-considered changes". One of the big disadvantages is, even if you're happy with the standard single-fuse-for-everything, its standard position in the Brown/Blue wire attached to battery +ve (on your bike) can't protect against a particular common type of short-circuit.

I've used both Autosparks and Vehicle Wiring Products for components and tools for decades without any problems at all.

If I'm rewiring a bike I haven't done before, and the old loom's still connected, I start by using a sharp scalpel-type knife to cut away any wrapping; once the loom's visible in Glorious Technicolor, it's much easier to make sense of the any wiring diagram's black lines.

Then I just replace one wire at a time, upgrading, shortening/lengthening, removing/adding connections, etc. as required. E.g. as standard, the aforementioned Brown/Blue wire and corresponding Black wire to battery -ve are too low-rated for the Amps even the standard alternator can generate, never mind if you decide to upgrade to a higher-output one.

By-and-large, I never cover any loom I build, makes testing and upgrading (and repairs ... ) far more difficult than necessary. I simply strap new wires to frame tubes with releasable reusable cable ties; once the loom's finished and tested, any wires still exposed after replacing tank, seat, sidepanels, I cover with lengths of 'split' flexible conduit (available from both Autosparks and VWP - the split is lengthways along the conduit, so it can simply be slipped over/off already-connected wires.



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