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Hi and thanks for the swift replies.

I'll have a look later and double check the wiring colours etc, but I'm pretty sure there is no amplifier unit. I'll check for a 5PU later after work.

I should add that there is also no airbox (for the zener to attach to), and I don't intend on using one as I'd like to put retro side panels on with a splayed head and pancake filters.

I have no experience of wiring but my brother is a trained mechanic and a basic rewire should not be beyond the two of us with a methodical approach and a new Lucas loom which seem to be pretty easily sourced from Ebay etc but the question here is are they to be trusted as correct and worthwhile?

Another alternative is to call on the professional services of someone like 'The Ferret' who I'm sure would do a top class job but would likely be very expensive!

Thanks a lot,


Scratching my head about wiring...
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