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T140E Wiring woes

Hi all,

My 1981 T140E wiring is in need of some help. I’ve added an album of photos, but I have a few questions please...

The bike was running when I bought it and before I declared it Sorn. (I’m now thinking this may have been due to divine intervention!) It is not an ES model.

I have electronic ignition, no zener diode as far as I can see, but I do have a Yamaha 42x-a1 regulator/rectifier unit. I also have the original Lucas 3DS rectifier. There is no fuse at all. The wiring seems to be all over the place so I’m thinking of re-wiring the whole bike and have been looking at wiring diagrams. I cannot see an ‘Ignition Amplifier’ or ‘Transducer’ - what do these look like and are they called something more familiar as I don’t know what these are!

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Scratching my head about wiring...
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