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Originally Posted by H3CT1C View Post
1) Is the neutral switch (and wiring) man enough for the job

2) Will I need a diode in there somewhere?
No, it should work as is.

Personally I'm not in agreeance with Rich about this - disabling the clutch switch was one of the first things I did when I bought the bike. I thought it was a nuisance (still do) to have to engage the clutch in order to start the bike. It worked well for years until one day I hit the starter, forgetting the bike was in gear. It almost left me sitting on the road side.

I don't happen to think that making the traffic wait for a few seconds while you select neutral outweighs the risk of personal accident. Besides, a motorcycle is narrow enough to pull into the side to let traffic past while you get it restarted. The solenoid disabling is definitely worth doing, I think the only danger left is riding away with the stand down. Kawasaki had a good solution for that, they fitted a split clutch cable that pulled the stand up when you pulled in the clutch.

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