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Safety Circuit Simplification

Since my m-unit re-wire a few years ago I've been running no safety circuit - I earthed the clutch/sidestand switch circuit pin 9 & neutral switch pin 10 on the igniter - so the bike WILL start in gear on the sidestand - it's not been a problem yet, but one day ... dot ... dot ... dot ...

I'd be entirely satisfied to reduce the safety circuit to "only starts in neutral". Well, I'd have to be - I have no clutch or sidestand switch...

Wouldn't the simplest way to achieve this be to earth the starter solenoid through the neutral switch? Couldn't I just splice the -12V into the wire from neutral switch to idiot light? i.e. circuit completes to earth when in neutral allowing the solenoid to operate, but in gear the solenoid can't earth so the bike won't start?

1) Is the neutral switch (and wiring) man enough for the job

2) Will I need a diode in there somewhere?


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