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Stator cover fitting issues

The other night I helped a buddy replace his stator on his 07 675. Stator fit in the casing just fine. However when we tried fitting that damn cover back onto the motor it became a true ball ache. Perfect alignment seemed impossible to achieve. The best we were able to get was 99% wall to wall engagement but with a slight slight bit of cantilever from left to right. I would guess a total of .5mm or less of play. It just didnt feel dead flat against the motor casing. What in the HELL could be causing this? Dowel pins looked good, paper gasket seemed in place and even. We torqued the bolts in and all play went away and there was no movement in the paper gasket after that. Does this seem right? It just didn't leave us with warm fuzzies. Unfortunately his bike is still not together and he can't test it out. Is there a chance it will leak? Thanks to anyone who can provide any advice!
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