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Originally Posted by Draeger View Post

Which seat did you get? I'm looking for a seat with a driver's backrest.

I'm a bit worried about an aftermarket seat interfering with the air intake. Any issues?

It's the Triumph Longhaul Touring Dual Seat. I've fitted the rider and pillion back rests. Apart from the obvious advantage of getting back support and removing back strain it's also useful to adjust the distance that you sit from the bars. E.g. those who find the bars a bit of a stretch to reach comfortably can select a setting to reduce the reach by setting the backrest further forwards and viceversa for those with long arms. The back rest pad is also adjustable for height and the whole unit is sprung so that it can be pivoted forward to ease swinging yourself into the saddle.
The pillion seat and backrest has made my bike enjoyable for my wife unlike my previous BMW.
I don't think the back rest is available for a solo seat.
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