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Originally Posted by Unkle Krusty View Post
We have come a long way from tickling the carbs and push starting.
One frosty morning in Saltillo I had to hold my lighter under the bowl of my KLR650 for a few seconds to get the gas to vaporize enough to get it to start. Unlike in Canada and the USA, it seems Mexico does not change formulations to account for seasonal changes, even though several regions can get freezing temps at night in the winter. In cold temps, I find boosting idle speed 1/4-1/2 turn helps starting on any bike I have owned (Honda CM250, KLR650, Ural), even my 2014 FI Bonnie. The Bonnie seems to need some throttle on very humid days as well as cold ones. I love being able to push start. I get nervous out on the highway on my Bonnie because the battery is 4 years old now and push starting is impossible afaik.
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