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Originally Posted by Slinky View Post
Welcome axes, how's the weather in Iceland? Airboxes are apparently made out of the cheapest plastic known to man- the front one is meant to be disposable so I get that, the primary airbox is just as poor though. you might not have much luck gluing it, maybe try welding it with a soldering iron. That's what I did and you can also use something like a cable tie as filler rod.
The primary airbox seems to be in good shape, I took it apart to check the airfilter and put it back together without any problems. The airfilter was a K&N one that had tons of black dirt that was kind of like plastic moss or something over everything. I'm surprised it got any air through at all.

Oh and the weather is **** most of the time. This whole summer while the rest of europe was dying in a heatwave we had 72 hours of sunlight total for all of June.

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