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Daz: Just how loose was your belt??? When I say I adjust mine alittle on the loose side,I'm only talkin an 1/8 inch or so more then spec or what the SM says,and that's at the belt's tightest point and COLD,NOT HOT,and my belt has been fine.Now if the belt was real,REAL loose,I suppose it's possible that it could sustain damage,but that's what that thrust ring is supposed to prevent,unless the belt was so loose that it actually jumped that thrust ring.Then I could see it shredding.It's too bad ya didn't live close by.I'd have ya bring it over and we'd straighten it out or I'd know the reason why.But I would still check for jagged edges on both cogs as well as making sure they're not loose or warped.Keep us posted as you now have my undivided attention.What I'm lookin for here is the "WHY" this happened.Somethin else I just thought of too:Is the wheel itself tight when mounted on the machine?? In other words is there any side play in the wheel which would suggest a bad bearing??? Dave!!!
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