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I recently purchased my 2016 Thunderbird LT from NPS/Concord Triumph based out of New Hampshire. Overall, the transaction went very smoothly with a few minor hiccups. I had similar concerns about purchasing the bike sight-unseen but I decided to take the chance since the LT was hard to find locally and definitely not at the price they were offering ($5k below MSRP).

I contacted them around New Years and did the financing dance (rates at their credit union vs mine) for a couple of weeks while Fedex'ing docs back and forth. The final paperwork was processed on Jan 17th (per email) and the bike arrived Superbowl Sunday, Feb 4th. They used HaulBikes for transport. HB was great and their trucks are huge! 80ft long, double deckers.

* I immediately noticed that the bike didn't have the accessories that I ordered. I contacted NPS and they apologized, refunded me the labor cost of the install and sent me the accessories which I installed myself. No big deal.
* The right mirror was swinging loosely. Upon inspection, it was missing a bolt. Who knows when that could have fell out. Bought a new one from the local dealer. No big deal.
* The owner's manual was missing from under the pillion seat. I called and it took a few weeks but eventually, they sent out the "New owner packet" which included the owners manual, the maintenance log and the immobilzer key.

Curiosity: In the paperwork, I noticed that the LT was actually titled to Triumph of Buffalo but had to be picked up from Atlanta and taken to NH before heading my way. I think this is what lead to the bike being shipped out before it had been fully processed.

* Everyone I dealt with was very friendly & helpful despite being in a blizzard most times I called.
* They were able to roll the CA sales tax into the financing. You have to ask for that one.
* Took the bike in for the 500mi inspection and no problems.
* Did I mention $5k below MSRP? :-D
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