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Muscle bike or muscle cruiser?

Back when bikes like the v-max and the kawasaki Eliminator first showed up on the market they called them muscle cruisers! Still today with the re-introduction of the new v-max it doesnt really qualify for anything other than a muscle cruiser. Looking at the history of how and why they called these bikes muscle bikes/cruiser I would have to say that the new Ducatti fits that description better but would assume they just dont want to have a classification with only 2 bikes in it (v-max and ducati). maybe 3 because the intent of the harley v-rod is questionable and its performance claims seem to be geared toward that muscle cruiser catagory also.

For me a long time muscle bike owner (Kawi Eliminator) I would have to put the new ducatti in that muscle bike stable and question anyones choice to label it otherwise!

Dont really care what bike they pick as I think my money spoke louder than thier words when I plopped it down on a new Thunderbird!

Have a Nice DAy everyone!
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