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There are only four parts that you should use Loctite on a Triumph twin: Red on the three flywheel bolts (and heat should be applied to the sides of the crankshaft adjacent to the threads to remove. Failing this you risk breaking the bolt trying to remove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Blue on the main shaft kick starter and clutch nuts and rotor nut. There is nothing else that requires, or should you use Loctite on.

Green Loctite, or any Loctite, should not be used on any bearing. If the bearing is loose in the case Loctite WILL NOT secure it. The differential in coefficient of expansion between the aluminum case and the steel bearing breaks up the Loctite in short order. If the bearing has its normal interference fit, the green Loctite will reduce the internal clearance which can lead to bearing failure. Loctite should never bu used when fitting a new sleeve to a cylinder.

Other than the places mentioned above, the only other aids I use are ThreeBond #4 on aluminum to aluminum covers where their is no gasket, P-80 rubber lube for the push rod tube rubber and the 6 rebound rubbers and a name brand assembly lube. My gaskets are designed to be used dry!
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