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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Well, theres one thing that does worry me about looser belts....mine has been shedding literally 5 times as much since it's been loose. I just cleaned enough rubber off the wheel to mold a new rear tire ! And i know my alignment is very accurate. So i'm going to at least tighten it to where it's almost as tight as triumph recommends, but not cold. I'll set it like that when hot.
Das: Ya never mentioned the belt shredding.That in itself is a BIG problem and the stealer should have been on top of that.Too tight or too loose should not cause that to happen.SO! If it were me,I'd be lookin real close at the outer edges of both the front and rear cogs for jagged edges on either side, and on the teeth in the cogs,also for jagged edges on the ends of em where the belt rides.I'd also check both cogs to make sure they're tight and not warped.

The outer edge of the front cog has a machined surface,not real smooth,but it shouldn't be chewin up the belt either.The inside edge has nothin.The rear wheel alignment is what keeps the belt from traveling off the inner edge of that front cog.

The outer edge of the rear cog also has a machined surface,but again,shouldn't be chewin up the belt.The inner edge has a smooth chromed thrust ring which is replaceable.So I'd be lookin at all those things real close and ASAP.Let me know what ya find.Now ya really got me curious. lol OK?? Dave!!

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