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From my experience with them a few years ago, you can certainly trust them to be honest and friendly. They may have a couple hundred bikes on the sales floor, and sell on eBay, but they do business the small town way, personal, honest, and don't rush you.

I went up there from NJ with my own trailer. I was by myself. I bought a large used BMW. They not only allowed me to take all the time I wanted to checkout the bike, they then spent extra time with me and made sure I understood the ins and outs of the bike. They loaded it on my trailer for me, and they commented that they didn't like my tie down straps. (The straps were not old and I'm sure would be fine) They said no, and they proceeded to tie it down with their own heavy duty straps, and didn't charge me a dime for them, nor did they want me to leave my straps there as a trade.

They gave me some advice as I left that has held true for me for all the times I've trailered a bike, which has been at least a dozen times since then.
After you set off, stop in 10-15 minutes to check the status of the tie downs. If all is good, it'll probably stay good for the rest of your trip. If something was not right and would loosen, it'll probably loosen somewhat already in those 10-15 minutes and you can fix it then before it becomes a disaster.

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