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This is a double post, I found this thread through another post I did asking the same question....

I feel just the way you all do.... The back of the bike is awsome! if it weren't for that ugly plastic tag bracket.

I changed everything... I designed a bracket ( 16ga steel & powder coated ) that would relocate the tag to the side and forward... when you do that and remove the PPOS (Plastic Piece of [email protected]#$), It leaves a small metal bracket that the PPOS is mounted too, and is welded to the fender.

And with out the PPOS you have to relocate the turn signals as well. I am not a real fan of the stock turn signals (to big) so I got a pair of Kuryakan bullet turn signals. The turn signals were moved up to the rear bolt in the strut.

I added an AUX brake ( brake only ) light under the edge of the fender, that covers the metal part that shows.

Here are pic of the results.

I can reproduce these addons if anyone is interested.

NOTE: everything is what I call "Bolt on", but the wiring harnness has to be moditifed ( I made a replacement harness too ) and the rear hole in the fender and strut have to be drilled out to 3/8".

The rear turn signal has to have the wiring thru the center of the bolt to work. That is why the stock signals won't work.

I also added those triangle plates that bolt on where the rider foot pegs go. That is 1/4" plate aluminum buffed, ( I also do powder coating ). They just dress up the point where the foot pegs bolt on.

Like I said if your interested in these custom addons let me know. You can reply here... or email me directly [email protected]

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