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Daz:The book is NOT always correct nor are the support people as you're obviously finding lol It's just a starting point.So trial and error is how we learn.Now if ya set the belt as I explained and give the belt that little extra,that just might solve your problem.I usually set mine with the bike in the air.In other words,the wheel is off the ground so you would use the higher number of the Triumph spec or approximately 3/8 of an inch.So I give it just a tad more or set it at a half inch.When I set her down on the floor,that 1/2 inch of free play now becomes 3/8 of an inch.Triumph's recommended freeplay on the tightest part of the belt when adjusted on the floor is .2-.28 MM or approximately 1/4 inch.So in essence, I'm only increasing the recommended up and down play by 1/8 of an inch which is workin.And now,as we just discovered,with the bike on the floor,the belt's up and down play at the top of the belt when cold is two inches and when hot,one inch.When somethin works,ya run with it and that's what I've done.So I guess what I'm sayin is,give it a shot.Whadaya have to lose??? Dave!!!

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